Add Down to Used Katabatic Quilt

Cost includes domestic return shipping. Please allow 8 weeks.

Please note:
Your sleeping bag must be washed immediately prior to sending it to us for work.  If we determine the bag is not clean, we will send it back to you before bringing it into our shop.  Please see our Product Care page for instructions on how to properly wash your down sleeping bag.

Now for the legal-type stuff:  Please note that having us add overfill to a previously finished sleeping bag is at your own risk.  There is a chance whenever modifying an ultralight piece of gear that irreparable damage can occur, or that it might not look as pretty as it used to.  By purchasing this service, you agree to assume the risk of damage to the sleeping bag that is being sent to us.  In all likelihood, your sleeping bag will come back to you with the only discernible difference being that it has more down in it.  However, if damage occurs during the process, we will not be sending you a new, replacement sleeping bag.