Bristlecone Bivy

The Bristlecone Bivy provides a waterproof floor with a water resistant upper to protect your quilt from spray and mist. Featuring a large mesh window and long U shaped zipper extending from waist level across the top, allowing for easy entry and exit. Designed to work well with both pyramid shelters and tarps.
  • Large Mesh Panel- No-seeum mesh window over your head provides ventilation.

    Long #3 YKK Zipper- Long inverted U zipper running from waist level to above head, allows easy entry and exit.

    Waterproof ROBIC® Nylon Silicone/UTS Coated Floor- ROBIC® high tenacity yarn and UTS coating provide extra tear strength, abrasion resistance, and it is less slick than a traditional silicone coating.

    Bathtub Style Floor- Reduced seams in the floor for increased weather resistance.

    Pertex Quantum Air Upper- This highly breathable, water resistant fabric features a long lasting DWR coating that outperforms and outlasts other DWR treatments. Increased air permeability reduces condensation while remaining highly wind resistant.

    Internal Sleeping Pad Attachment- Internal sleeping pad attachment keeps your sleeping pad in place. The Cord Clip locations on our quilts line up with the pad attachments in our bivys. Cinch your pad in place in your bivy, then simply clip your quilt onto the same cords.

    Full Bug Protection- Full bug protection keeps the creepy crawlies at bay, making the bivy ideal for use under a tarp or floorless shelter.

    Elastic Hang Loops- Tie loops at the head and foot to keep the bivy fabric off your face and quilt.

    Generous Dimensions- Allows room inside for gear storage. Both regular and wide versions fit 25" wide sleeping pads.

    Stake Loops at the Corners- Ribbon loops at the corners facilitate drying or allow staking.

    Stuff Sack Included- Included stuff sack for storage. Adds 0.25 ounces.

  • Specs

    Specs 5'6" 6' 6'6" Wide 5'6" Wide 6' Wide 6'6"
    Weight 7.0 oz 7.3 oz 7.7 oz 7.5 oz 7.8 oz 8.2 oz
    Length 77 inches 83 inches 89 inches 77 inches 83 inches 89 inches
    Shoulder Girth 77.5 inches 77.5 inches 77.5 inches 82 inches 82 inches 82 inches
    Foot Girth 63.5 inches 63.5 inches 63.5 inches 68 inches 68 inches 68 inches
    Mesh Window 28 x 13.5 inches 28 x 13.5 inches 28 x 13.5 inches 31 x 14 inches 31 x 14 inches 31 x 14 inches
    Peak Height 17 inches 17 inches 17 inches 18 inches 18 inches 18 inches
    Packed size 3.5 x 7.5 inches 3.5 x 7.5 inches 3.5 x 7.5 inches 3.5 x 7.5 inches 3.5 x 7.5 inches 3.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Pertex Quantum Air

    The best fabric you’ll find for the upper shell of an ultralight bivy.
    1. Excellent DWR to protect you from spray and mist
    2. Increased Air Permeability reduces condensation

    ROBIC® Nylon with Silicone/UTS Coating

    ROBIC® high tenacity yarn and UTS coating provide extra tear strength and abrasion resistance for our bivy floor

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
works great

Just used it for early season archery elk hunting in Colorado. Keeps you extra clean, dry and warm. Very light and packable.

Catherine LIENARD

Utilisé sous une hexamid pocket tarp w/ doors , ou sans tente sous abri ou par beau temps. Coupe bien du froid et du vent. Grande ouverture pratique pour rentrer dedans, assez d'espace au dessus de la tête pour se relever le tête sur le coude, suffisamment grand pour contenir matelas, sac en duvet, et les affaites qui nécessitent d'être mises à l'abri -vêtements, nourriture, appareil photo etc-. J'ai parfois un peu de condensation mais dès que j'ouvre le sac le matin, tout sèche de façon extraordinairement vite. Utilisé dans les Alpes jusqu'à 2800m d'altitude. Satisfaite et rassurée d'avoir ce bivy qui me permet de me poser partout si des piquets sont impossibles à planter. j'ai le 5'6", pour 160 cm , très largement et grandement suffisant.

Neil Browne
Bristlecone Bivy

I got the longest widest option, just for extra gear or winter bedding. I've had many bivies, I love this one.

Tim Mulholland
Great Product, especially if you like cowboy camping!

I enjoy cowboy camping, but I don't enjoy mosquitoes. I recently took my Bristlecone Bivy backpacking in Colorado for three nights, all above 12,000' and near streams/lakes. I have several small tents available to me as well as an older, heavier bivy, but was looking for something that gave me more of the feel of cowboy camping. I combined my Bristlecone Bivy with a rain cape/tent shelter so that I would have rain protection if needed. The bivy plus the tent shelter weigh about as much as my lighter, one-person tent (~16 oz), so no weight tradeoff for me, plus added utility (cowboy camping and a shelter that doubles as a rain poncho).

On the first afternoon/night, I set up the bivy under the shelter so that I could have some sun protection in the afternoon while I read a book on my phone. I thought about pulling the shelter down, but left it pretty open - good thing because I didn't expect it to start raining at 5:00 am!

I started with the same setup the second afternoon/evening, mostly for some shade so I could relax and read. When I wanted to sleep, though, the wind was blowing strong and the shelter was noisily flapping so I knocked it down, but kept it available. In the morning when I awoke, there was frost on all of my gear, including the bivy. The frost caused some condensation to form on the interior of the bivy - no big deal.

On my third day, I arrived to camp later than the previous two days, and had less time to lounge about and less need for sun shade. I only used my new bivy and kept the shelter handy. Before setting up the bivy, I made certain to air/dry it out, along with my quilt. I had a great night that night and no condensation.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my Bristlecone Bivy. I like that I can easily look up at night and see the bright stars. I like that it gives me plenty of room to roll around and bring some of my small gear into the bivy with me. I like that I don't have to worry about biting insects. I like that I can easily lay on top of the bivy exterior and not take off my hiking shoes and not worry about getting my quilt dirty. I'm a very happy camper!

Julie Murray
Best addition to gear

Per latest word from Utah, bivy doing great keeping out sand, bugs and rain