Crestone Hood

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The internal draw cord on the Crestone Hood is comfortable against your face and allows for adjustable warmth. The removable underarm straps keep it in place on your head no matter what your sleeping position. The versatile design is great for sleeping, and can be worn as a hood with your jacket or vest.  For typical use between 0° - 40°F.

  • Draw Cord Closure Around the Face - Internal draw cord adjusts the face opening. We have designed this closure to be comfortable against your face, while keeping the plastic cord lock away from it.

    Removable Underarm Straps - Adjustable underarm straps keep the hood in place on your head, ensuring that the hood stays where you want it no matter how much you toss and turn. The underarm straps can be left at home if you do not need them, saving .25 ounces.

    One Size Fits All


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    Removable Underarm Straps
  • Specs

    Weight: 2.6 ounces

    Fill Weight: 1.5 ounces


    Pertex Quantum Y Fuse Eco Riptstop (.85 oz/yd)
    1. Pertex Y Fuse technology extends the longevity of this already durable UL fabric, and also improves its highly downproof and water beading properties
    2. Keeps your insulation drier: Best DWR we’ve tested
    3. Keeps your insulation loftier: Lightweight, soft, breathable, and downproof
    4. Reduces demand for raw materials: Eco version of Pertex Quantum is made from recycled yarns and maintains the fabric’s advanced performance qualities
    850 Fill Power HyperDRY™ Water-Resistant Goose Down. RDS Certified
    1. HyperDRY™ hydrophobic down provides extra peace of mind, and dries faster than untreated down if it does get wet
    2. Responsibly sourced down from Allied Feather and Down, is both bluesign® and Responsible Down Standard® certified.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ridiculously Warm and Light

I live full-time in my car in the mountains of eastern Nevada and the temperatures regularly dip into the single digits during the winter (the average is about 15 F). The backpacking quilts I use work great but lack a hood to keep my head warm and I found that a wool cap is not sufficient when the temperatures dip below 20 F. This hood picks up where the wool cap leaves off. It is incredibly light and ridiculously warm. I have found that in temperatures above freezing that it is a little too warm for my tastes. So even though this says it's good up to 40 F, in my experience it might be a little too warm for that high of a temp. That said, it works down into single-digit temperatures with no problems.

Ethan Barton
Very Warm

My head always felt too cold using my quilt during shoulder season here in Minnesota. Looked around for some options and tried this down hoodie and it worked perfectly, stayed on and kept my head warm the whole night (used down to ~23*F) Highly recommend!

John P

Great way to help extend your quilt into lower temps. Very well made. I prefer not using the arm straps but those are super easy to take on or off.

Justin Martinez
great hood

this thing is sooooo warm- like too warm if your in anything higher than 20-30 degrees F.... but its nice to sleep in in cold conditions or to wake up and put on in the morning when its chilly

Slab City News

The crestone hood is one of the pieces you just have to own. The quality of this garment is out of this world the stitching and the feel of it is second to none.