Windom Hood


Ideal for three-season use, the Windom Hood is a perfect compliment to our quilt style sleeping bags. Elastic binding seals out drafts while being comfortable against your face, and will not restrict your vision. The Windom Hood will keep you warm while sleeping, hiking or being active in camp.  For typical use between 20° - 50°F.

  • Extremely Lightweight- You won't find another piece of headgear that provides this much warmth for this little weight.

    Elasticized Face Opening- Elastic binding around the face opening seals out drafts while trapping warmth inside the hood.

    Removable Underarm Straps- Adjustable underarm straps keep the hood in place on your head, ensuring that the hood stays where you want it no matter how much you toss and turn. The underarm straps can be left at home if you do not need them, saving .25 ounces.


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    Removable Underarm Straps
  • Specs

    Total Weight
    Size Regular: 1.75 ounces
    Size Large: 1.8 ounces

    Fill Weight
    Size Regular: .85 ounces
    Size Large: .9 ounces


    Pertex Quantum Y Fuse Eco Riptstop (.85 oz/yd)
    1. Pertex Y Fuse technology extends the longevity of this already durable UL fabric, and also improves its highly downproof and water beading properties
    2. Keeps your insulation drier: Best DWR we’ve tested
    3. Keeps your insulation loftier: Lightweight, soft, breathable, and downproof
    4. Reduces demand for raw materials: Eco version of Pertex Quantum is made from recycled yarns and maintains the fabric’s advanced performance qualities
    850 Fill Power HyperDRY™ Water-Resistant Goose Down. RDS Certified
    1. HyperDRY™ hydrophobic down provides extra peace of mind, and dries faster than untreated down if it does get wet
    2. Responsibly sourced down from Allied Feather and Down, is both bluesign® and Responsible Down Standard® certified.
  • Regular Large
    Head Circumference Up to 23" Over 23"
    US Hat Size Up to 7 3/8" Over 7 3/8"

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Just as advertised. I have the warmer one already but its just too warm for most of the year. And the absolute best part is the cordage to go under the arms. Makes it the best out there.


The windom hood is amazing. Just used it on a 3 day backpacking trip where nightime temperatures got down close to single digits. The hood kept my head really warm and its really comfy to wear. I must say the quality of katabatic gear products seems to surpass many big name companies. Looking forward to have more products from this awesome company.


Warm, light, pack-very small!! What a difference this hoody make, I am impressed! I dont prefer wearing beanie while Im sleeping because most of them I have get itchy, but this hoody doesnt and keeps my head and neck warm. I think the bang cords are helpful to keep the hoody in place.
Love it, 100%!


I use this down to about freezing temps with my quilts. Love it. I also use it for lounging around camp on winter whitewater kayaking trips with a hoodless jacket. I do wish it had a drawcord around the face (like the Crestone hood and most sleeping bag hoods) though will pick up the Crestone hood soon for colder temps where that is more useful. Its also nice to supplement other hooded jackets as well.
I dont find the bungee cord particularly useful or comfortable, and removed mine.


Bought a few months ago, but just got to use it up at Baxter State Park in Maine. First, it weighs nothing. I used it with Katabaltic quilt. Great addition for cold temps. Warm and comfy. Highly recommend.