Crestone Hood

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The internal draw cord on the Crestone Hood is comfortable against your face and allows for adjustable warmth. The removable underarm straps keep it in place on your head no matter what your sleeping position. The versatile design is great for sleeping, and can be worn as a hood with your jacket or vest.  For typical use between 0° - 40°F.

  • Draw Cord Closure Around the Face - Internal draw cord adjusts the face opening. We have designed this closure to be comfortable against your face, while keeping the plastic cord lock away from it.

    Removable Underarm Straps - Adjustable underarm straps keep the hood in place on your head, ensuring that the hood stays where you want it no matter how much you toss and turn. The underarm straps can be left at home if you do not need them, saving .25 ounces.

    One Size Fits All


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    Removable Underarm Straps
  • Specs

    Weight: 2.6 ounces

    Fill Weight: 1.5 ounces


    Pertex Quantum Y Fuse Eco Riptstop (.85 oz/yd)
    1. Pertex Y Fuse technology extends the longevity of this already durable UL fabric, and also improves its highly downproof and water beading properties
    2. Keeps your insulation drier: Best DWR we’ve tested
    3. Keeps your insulation loftier: Lightweight, soft, breathable, and downproof
    4. Reduces demand for raw materials: Eco version of Pertex Quantum is made from recycled yarns and maintains the fabric’s advanced performance qualities
    850 Fill Power HyperDRY™ Water-Resistant Goose Down. RDS Certified
    1. HyperDRY™ hydrophobic down provides extra peace of mind, and dries faster than untreated down if it does get wet
    2. Responsibly sourced down from Allied Feather and Down, is both bluesign® and Responsible Down Standard® certified.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jeffrey Kramer
New favorite gear item

This hood is going to be awesome, fits and functions perfectly...all I need now is some sub freezing temperature

Gabrielle Orsi
Girlz N The Hood!

I camped at Mt. Rainier National Park in March 2022 in the snow at Paradise (over 5200 feet elevation) and this hood kept me warm and cozy at camp. Temperatures were in the high teens/low 20s and I even slept wearing the hood. My fellow campers were jealous and now they want their own hoods! I highly recommend.

spencer dillon

Everyone I know is jealous of my hood and has also made fun of me for my new style. No lie, it makes me kinda look like an idiot, but DAMN is this thing warm. I was just ski camping in some ~ negative 30 F overnight temps and my neck was so sweaty. Incredible piece of kit to pair with a quilt. I thought jacket hoods would do the job, but this thing is really another level. If you’re on the fence thinking of how it will augment a belay parka etc, it 100% will. So so so so so much warmer. And the face hole is really small which also makes you look like a total dweeb. A toasty dweeb.

Michael Harvey

Buy it now! Don’t wait thinking you won’t need it. It makes the best quilt (Flex 15) better!

Mark N
Crestone Hood

The hood worked great. I used it on a 15 deg F night and it kept me warm. It is very lightweight and comfortable.
I must say that I was disappointed that it was imported. The original reason that I chose Katabatic was that I thought that their products were made in Colorado. I should have researched this better prior to purchasing it. I understand all of the reasons why they chose to have them imported, however I believe in buying domestic when at all possible.