Alsek 22°F Quilt


Lightweight, warm and compact, the Alsek is a versatile quilt that ensures comfort in the warmer months, as well as the assurance of a good night's sleep well into the shoulder seasons.

Overfill is available to add to this item.


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Silnylon Stuff Sack
Storage Bag - 100% recycled, breathable fabric
2mm Cords for attaching to your pad
Webbing straps

  • Patented Pad Attachment System - Widely considered the best design on the market for preventing drafts. Offers unmatched versatility, comfort and efficiency in a quilt style sleeping bag. For more information view our Product Manual.

    Can Be Used Without a Sleeping Pad - Comes with removable webbing straps to be used without attaching to a sleeping pad. For more information view our Product Manual.

    Elastic Binding Around Bottom Opening - Elastic binding around the bottom opening prevents gaps and drafts at the sleeping pad.

    Differential Cut - A critical factor in quilt style bags with adjustable girth, differential cut allows for maximum loft from our premium down.

    Continuous Baffles - With continuous baffles the down can be manually moved as temperatures dictate for maximum versatility.

    Down Filled Collar - Our overstuffed collar fits comfortably against your neck to seal this critical area from drafts.

    Trapezoidal Foot Box - We have shaped our foot box for the greatest comfort, warmth and efficiency.

    Overstuffed Baffles over the Foot Section - Provides extra insulation over your feet to ensure toasty toes.

    Overfill Available: For more information or to order overfill click here.

    Shell imported. Designed, filled, finished and stringently inspected in Colorado.


    Free Shipping in the United States
    Silnylon Stuff Sack
    Storage Bag - 100% recycled, breathable fabric
    2mm Cords for attaching to your pad
  • Specs Small Regular Long Regular Wide Long Wide
    Fits To 5'6" 6' 6'6" 6' 6'6"
    Fill Weight (ounces) 850fp 900fp 850fp 900fp 850fp 900fp 850fp 900fp 850fp 900fp
    13.5 12.6 14.4 13.4 15.4 14.3 16.3 15.2 17.4 16.2
    Total Weight (ounces) 21.5 20.6 22.9 21.9 24.2 23.1 25.5 24.4 27.3 26.1
    Loft Single Side 2.75" 2.75" 2.75" 2.75" 2.75"
    Shoulder Width 52 inches (Similar to 61" mummy bag) 52 inches (Similar to 61" mummy bag) 52 inches (Similar to 61" mummy bag) 58 inches (Similar to 67" mummy bag) 58 inches (Similar to 67" mummy bag)
    Hip Width 42 inches 42 inches 42 inches 48 inches 48 inches
    Foot Girth 38 inches 38 inches 38 inches 43 inches 43 inches
    Footbox Length 21 inches 25 inches 28 inches 25 inches 28 inches
    Packed Size 6.5 X 11.5 inches 6.5 Liters 6.5 X 11.5 inches 6.5 Liters 6.5 X 11.5 inches 6.5 Liters 7 X 12 inches 8 Liters 7 X 12 inches 8 Liters
    Due to variances in raw materials, finished weight my vary by +/- 5%

    Metric Specs
    Specs Small Regular Long Regular Wide Long Wide
    Fits To 167.5cm 183cm 198cm 183cm 198cm
    Fill Weight (grams) 850fp 900fp 850fp 900fp 850fp 900fp 850fp 900fp 850fp 900fp
    383 357 408 380 437 405 462 431 493 459
    Total Weight (grams) 610 584 649 621 686 655 723 692 774 740
    Loft Single Side 7cm 7cm 7cm 7cm 7cm
    Shoulder Width 132cm (Similar to 155cm mummy bag) 132cm (Similar to 155cm mummy bag) 132cm (Similar to 155cm mummy bag) 147cm (Similar to 170cm mummy bag) 147cm (Similar to 170cm mummy bag)
    Hip Width 107cm 107cm 107cm 122cm 122cm
    Foot Girth 97cm 97cm 97cm 109cm 109cm
    Footbox Length 53cm 64cm 71cm 64cm 71cm
    Packed Size 16.5cm X 29.2cm 6.5 Liters 16.5cm X 29.2cm 6.5 Liters 16.5cm X 29.2cm 6.5 Liters 17.8cm X 30.5cm 8 Liters 17.8cm X 30.5cm 8 Liters
  • Responsibly Sourced Down

    Like many of our customers, we at Katabatic Gear are concerned with the environmental and animal welfare impact of our products. We are dedicated to a responsibly sourced, and very high quality product, just like our down supplier, Allied Feather and Down. They are certified through both the bluesign®and Responsible Down Standard®programs. Another reason we partner with Allied: we can offer our customers access to the Track My Down program. It allows our customers to learn everything there is to know about the down in their specific quilt.

    900 Fill Power Goose Down

    We use the highest quality 900 Fill Power goose down, offering the most loft and warmth for the least weight. Goose down has many advantages over synthetic insulations. In warm temperatures goose down allows heat to pass through, giving it a wider comfort range than synthetic insulation. The down can be intentionally moved around in its baffles, allowing you to adjust the amount of insulation based on conditions. Finally, synthetic insulation breaks down more quickly with use, losing loft and warmth. As a result a down filled product has a life span many times that of a synthetic filled product, making down a much better value. Our 900 Fill Power premium goose down is produced for us here in the U.S. by Allied Feather, and is available untreated or with HyperDRY™ water-resistant treatment.

    850 Fill Power Duck Down

    With all the benefits of down vs. synthetic, duck down is often cheaper than goose down, only due to the fact that it is more widely available. For years it was difficult to obtain duck down in a fill power greater than 700, which meant a heavier sleeping bag. Now that we can get responsibly sourced, high quality, 850 f.p. duck down, we are happy to be able to offer it to our customers. There are no quality, performance, or longevity sacrifices in buying a duck vs. goose product. One potential downside is that the natural animal odor that can be present in down products is more common to duck down than goose. This does not mean your duck down will necessarily have an odor, or that goose down will not. It varies from one lot of down to the next, and we’re told it is due to the birds’ diet. Some folks don’t notice any odor, while those more scent sensitive might, particularly if the bag is damp. As one customer put it, “Who cares! In a week or two it’s going to smell like MY odor.” Our 850 Fill Power premium duck down is also produced for us here in the U.S. by Allied Feather, and is offered with HyperDRY™ water-resistant treatment.

    HyperDRY™ Water-Resistant Down

    We are pleased to offer HyperDRY™ hydrophobic down. This down has been treated to provide additional resistance to unwanted moisture. In conjunction with our highly water-resistant shell materials, HyperDRY™ provides extra peace of mind, and dries faster than untreated down if it does get wet. Is this a miracle water-proofing that will allow you to sleep out in the rain or dunk your bag in water with wild abandon? No. Will it give you extra protection and help maintain loft in damp conditions? Absolutely! Our water-resistant down is bluesign® approved, so you can rest assured that it is safe for the environment and human health. Produced for us here in the U.S. by Allied Feather. Available in 900fp goose down and 850fp duck down.

    Pertex Quantum Y Fuse Eco Riptstop (.85 oz/yd)

    The best fabric you’ll find for the shell of an ultralight sleeping bag.
    1. Keeps your insulation drier: Best DWR we’ve tested
    2. Keeps your insulation loftier: Lightweight, soft, breathable, and downproof
    3. Keeps your quilt out of the landfill: Pertex Y Fuse technology extends the longevity of this already durable UL fabric, and also improves its highly downproof and water beading properties
    4. Reduces demand for raw materials: Eco version of Pertex Quantum is made from recycled yarns and maintains the fabric’s advanced performance qualities

    Pertex Quantum Tafeta (1.0 oz/yd)

    The softest fabric you’ll find for the liner of an ultralight sleeping bag. This Pertex Quantum plain weave makes for a silky soft liner fabric on the inside of our quilts. We get tons of customer feedback stating that it’s the most comfortable sleeping bag fabric to ever brush up against them – not as clammy or crinkly as other fabrics.
  • Quilt Style Sleeping Bag

    The idea behind a quilt style sleeping bag is to eliminate the insulation from the bottom of a conventional sleeping bag. Why? Insulation must have loft and trap air in order to be effective. Since any insulation beneath your body gets crushed, it is wasted. So why not leave the insulation (and the fabric and all that weight) out of the bottom of the bag? This is what a quilt style sleeping bag does, but it goes one step further.

    When a quilt style sleeping bag is designed well, versatility is significantly increased. Our patented pad attachment system and elasticized edging keep your body heat in and the cold drafts out. When conditions are warm, lay the quilt over you like a blanket and allow some ventilation. There are numerous variations in between, making our quilts comfortable in a much wider range of temperatures than a traditional sleeping bag. Another huge benefit of a well designed quilt: you can toss and turn and roll around without getting tangled up or rolling off your pad!

    Attachment System

    The backbone of our down quilt style sleeping bags is our patented Cord Clip attachment system. The beauty of this design is its simplicity. All our bags feature our Cord Clips, and come with 2mm cord for attaching the sleeping bag to the pad. Simply cinch the cords around the pad, and attach your bag! This system works easily with most sleeping pads.

    Our Cord Clips feature two attachment options for maximum versatility. The first attachment position allows the clip to slide freely on the cord. For warm weather this gives you the most freedom of movement. As the temperature drops, clipping into the second position allows you to lock the bag in place on the cord. In this position you can control the girth of the bag, and are able to set the bag to overlap your pad to lock out drafts. Even with the Cord Clip in this position, adjustment along the cord is easily accomplished by lifting the Cord Clip vertically. With the Cord Clip held vertically it slides easily along the cord. Returning the clip to its horizontal position locks the Cord Clip in place along the cord. This allows you to adjust the interior volume of the sleeping bag, as well as adjust the bags position on top of the sleeping pad. Secondary clips help seal out drafts when the temperature really drops. This unique design offers significant advantages. The ability to attach your sleeping bag to the top of the pad, as well as the ability to easily adjust the girth/volume of the bag, allows you to optimize the position of the bag depending on your sleep position, and the level of warmth you need from your bag. In warm weather you have much more room than you are used to in a mummy bag. In cold weather just close the bag in around you for maximum warmth.

    We have engineered our Cord Clips to be strong and durable, while being thin and unobtrusive. Even if you have your sleeping bag pulled in under your body, our Cord Clips are designed to lie flat and to be unnoticeable. Our Cord Clip system is fast, simple and easy to use. Attach the cords around your pad before you leave home. Then just lay out your pad, clip your bag on to it, adjust as needed, and sleep!

    Differential Cut

    Our sleeping bags feature a substantial differential cut, which is highly beneficial in a quilt style sleeping bag with adjustable girth. The shell fabric is cut wider than the liner fabric, making the circumference of the shell larger than that of the liner. This means that when you start to draw the bag in on a cold night, you’re less likely to crush the insulation creating cold spots. This is a detail that many manufacturers overlook, but we think it’s one of the keys to a more effective quilt, and a warmer night’s sleep.

    Continuous Baffles

    The baffles in our quilt style sleeping bags are continuous from one side to the other. This allows down to be moved to the top, sides, or bottom of the quilt when temperatures fluctuate. On warm nights, you can move the down to the sides or bottom, allowing a little heat to escape. On cold nights, move more down to the top of the quilt to keep that body heat in. This works particularly well when the quilt is attached to your pad, because the same part of the bag is always on top, no matter how you roll, toss, or turn.

    Down Collar

    Our quilts feature an overstuffed down collar around the neck opening. This critical feature means you can comfortably seal warmth inside your sleeping bag without choking yourself with a scrawny drawcord.

    Trapezoidal Foot Box

    Optimized for when you need the most room, lying on your back, our trapezoidal foot box fits great no matter what position you are lying in. Plus we overstuff the baffles over the foot section to provide extra warmth. Our goal is simple: we want you to have warm, happy feet while you sleep.

    Separate Hood

    When you think about it, a separate hood really makes sense. If you toss and turn, your quilt stays in place on top of your pad, and your hood stays in place on top of your head. You are not going to wake up in the middle of the night, lost somewhere in your mummy bag, wondering which way leads out.

    Do you need a hood? Here is what we have found: if temperatures are going to be near the temperature rating of your quilt, then you will probably need a hood. If the forecast calls for warmer weather, leave the hood at home, and just wear a warm hat to bed. Looking to save weight and get the most use out of minimal gear? Take a warm jacket with a hood, and wear that to bed if the weather is cold. You keep your head warm, and add extra warmth to your entire sleep system.

    Bivy Sack in Conjunction with Quilt

    Our water resistant, highly breathable bivy sacks are designed for use under a tarp or floorless shelter. These bivy sacks provide a waterproof floor, full bug protection, and a water resistant upper to protect your quilt from spray and mist. Our bivy sacks are designed to integrate perfectly with our quilts. Simply attach your pad to the floor of the bivy through the pad attachment cords, then clip your quilt on to these same cords. Your pad stays in place in the bivy; your bag stays in place on the pad. Leave your pad attached to the bivy and setup the next night is a breeze.

    The System as a Whole

    What does it all mean? Set up and adjustment are quick and simple. The quilt stays in place on top of your pad. The hood stays in place on your head. All our components are designed to work together, but the system is also designed to make the most of gear you already have. Our quilts can be partnered with almost any sleeping pad you like. Use your hooded jacket or a warm hat on cold nights. Use the tent you already own, or partner our bivy with your tarp. All in all, you are making the most out of every piece of gear, while resting comfortably no matter what position you sleep in.

    The bottom line? Our sleep system is much more versatile than any conventional sleeping bag, and it weighs a lot less!

Customer Reviews

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Disappointed with appearance - very heavy fold creases

The quilt arrived with a very heavy crease down the center in the quilt in a straight line. It looks to have been machine made as no human hand could fold a straight line and heavy crease like this. I've had the quilt for about a month now and it has no come out at all. I know it's is only cosmetic but I paid full price for this and it's disappointing to see. I'd apprciate some feeback from Katabatic to know if this crease will come out? Also, I don't understand why a machine would be used to fold the quilt prior to shipment.

Hi Mark. Thanks for your review! To answer the how/why, it could be one of two things: occasionally the raw fabric itself will get creased on the roll before it's even sent to us. Alternatively, we do store the sleeping bag shells folded (after they're mostly finished but waiting to be filled), but no machines are used for folding. We'd suggest tossing it in the dryer on very low heat for 30 - 45 minutes. If that doesn't take care of it, email or call us (, (719)207-4552) and we'll talk about other options.

Alsek 22F

Super light and super warm, high quality material. Wish the straps would be better resolved

Hard to overstate how impressive the Alsek is!

I have put this quilt through it's paces over the past year in the Colorado Rockies and I am astounded by the Alsek's performance! I have used it on trips with overnight lows ranging from about 40F (forecast) to 0F (measured). The weight and volume savings with this quilt while maintaining comfort makes it worth every penny.

The good: The versatility of this quilt means it replaces three sleeping bags for me, a rarely used down 45F Sierra Designs (packed weight 616g/21.7oz), a synthetic 15F Mountain Hardware Ultralamina Long (packed weight 1413g/49.8oz), and a down 0F REI Radiant (packed weight 1823g/64.3oz). The packed weight of my 6' Alsek 900fp Hyperdry (which includes the pad attachment cords and stuffsack) is 666g/23.5oz. This a quite noticeable 26.3oz and 40.8oz weight savings over my (previously) most used bags, in addition to a considerable packed volume savings. For me, the edge of the envelope with this quilt is 0F. I had one comfortable, cozy night on packed snow in December near Tennessee Pass (on the continental divide) at about 10,000 ft and a low of 0F (measured by a Kestrel Drop about 2' above me inside the tent) and a second night slightly chilly at the same temp. My sleep system on the two 0F nights consisted of: ~0.5" thick closed cell foam pad, NeoAir XTherm mat, wool socks, REI down booties, Minus33 brand Merino 706 wool bottoms, GooseFeet down pants (4.5oz 900fp fill), Smartwool Merino 250 top, Arc'teryx Cerium hoodie, GooseFeet down hood, and my Alsek. I attribute the second night's chilly feet to neglecting to scarf a candy bar just before bed, as is my typical practice. I have been very impressed that there are essentially no drafts or cold spots when the pad attachment system is used, even in temperatures considerably colder than the recommended limits. This quilt has kept me warm down to 0F. ZERO DEGREES...fahrenheit! It's just as warm as my previous mummy bag that weighed over 2.5 POUNDS more and was three times the packed volume!

The bad (or more accurately the minor gripe): Using the pad attachment system is a really good idea at temps below freezing. Attaching, unattaching, and adjusting the pad attachment system and neck draft collar is a bit of a pain, particularly from inside the quilt with everything snugged up. One must find and unsnap the neck draft collar behind the neck with one hand (since there isn't room inside to raise both elbows and reach behind the neck) to sneak an arm out so both hands can be used to pop one of the top pad attachment tabs off the attachment cord in order to get out for the inevitable late night whiz. I have not been successful more than a couple times at using one hand to attach or release the attachment tabs yet. And I still have trouble sometimes getting the cord into the tightest lock slot even with two hands. I worry about snapping the tab at colder temps. Although the colder temps may significantly contribute to the difficulty in bending the tabs.

Conclusion: While setting up and adjusting the attachment system takes a little getting used to, it is a minor gripe and will likely get easier with continued use. Fussing with the attachment system is weeellllll worth the savings in weight and volume over mummy bags. It is even a huge cost savings vs the three sleeping bags it replaces.

In hindsight, I wish I would have purchased the Flexquilt in a Regular Wide and maybe even dropped down to the 15F version. At a weight cost of less than 6 ounces, it would have covered really all of my sleeping system needs for all 4 seasons by allowing easier foot ventilation during warmer temperatures (lows rarely get above 50F where I typically backpack) and providing a bigger cozy margin on even the coldest of nights in the Rockies. And the wide version would allow a little more room for me, a mostly side sleeper, to wiggle and adjust the pad attachment system, particularly with fluffy layers underneath the quilt and a small pillow between my knees.

This quilt has quickly become one of my most cherished pieces of UL gear. Absolutely worth every penny! I have pushed it well beyond the intended limits of this gear and been nothing short of awestruck by its performance. Outstanding job, Katabatic Gear!

Alsek 22° Top Quilt

I used my Alsek top quilt this week on a backpacking trip to Big South Fork in Tennessee. After talking to a company representative about my needs I decided to get the 22° quilt. I'm so glad I did. The overnight temperature was in the high 20's and I was warm and comfortable. I'm a side sleeper who also sleeps cold. I was able to roll over and stay warm throughout the night.

Better than imagined

Was nervous about purchasing my first quilt and thought it was a lot of money - especially because of the risk of success. I sleep very cold but do not tend to camp out much under 40 but sometimes hit as low as 30. After talking to customer service, I settled on the Alsek 22 and, at 5’ 6” and a shoulder circumference of 50”, took their suggestions and ordered a Reg Wide. Took out on our trip to Florida, when nighttime temps dropped into the low 30s, and slept unbelievably comfortably. It was so warm inside, I only fastened the clips on one side most nights. No more getting tangled in sleeping bags - awesome - and only 1.5lbs. I could probably have got away with the shorter style but the regular left plenty of room in the foot box for drying socks and keeping clothing warm. Another unseen bonus was the dryness of the bag. Although it got damp nightly from my tiny single wall tent, the dampness never penetrated the bag even when we had to pack up in a hurry not allowing time to air. I have never been so warm and comfortable sleeping outside - and I’m 54 lol. I expect this bag will enable me to tolerate even lower temperatures if necessary and the fastening system was quick and easy to learn.


Length: This refers to the maximum height of the user.  For example, if you are 6’ tall, you should comfortably fit in our 6’ length, and the collar will loosely come up to your chin.  If you are a stomach sleeper, you’ll want to add a few inches to your height since your toes will be pointed away from you, essentially making you “taller.” 

Width: If your shoulder circumference measurement (around the widest part of your chest + arms) is 49” or greater, you’ll need to select a wide size.  You can opt for a wide even if you don’t meet that measurement.  Just keep in mind that if there is too much dead air space inside the quilt, you might sleep a little colder.


Fill Power (FP):  Down with a higher FP number provides more loft, so we need less of it to achieve a certain temperature rating. Therefore, the finished weight of a quilt filled with a 900 FP option will be slightly lighter than one filled with the 850 FP down, but they would be equally as warm.   

Duck vs Goose: Duck down is more readily available than goose, so it is less expensive.  There are no performance differences, and one will not make your quilt warmer than the other.  Note that our duck down is only available as an 850 FP, so the quilt would be slightly heavier (see above).

HyperDry: This treatment helps the down maintain its loft better in damp conditions, and helps it dry out faster if it does get wet. The HyperDry treatment is most useful for folks who will encounter a lot of humidity or rain, or will sleep numerous successive nights with lows in the teens (°F).