DirtSaw Deuce of Spades

Sometimes a stick or a trekking pole just ain't gonna get the cathole dug! This is the best and lightest backcountry trowel. Ultra-strong and only 17 grams!


• Revolutionary new design: it can be used handle UP or handle DOWN!! – QUADRUPLES the force for hard ground!

• Only .6 ounces (rounding UP!), 17 grams, the weight of 3 quarters

• Digs down and carves unusually well because of its thinness

• Large scoop helps this backpacking trowel make a mockery of tent stake or trekking pole digging

• Cuts right through small roots

• Elegant, minimalist design

• Strong and tough because it’s made of aerospace grade 7075-T6 aluminum

• Works as a sand stake but even better for burying other things as sand anchors


• 100% recyclable

• Yes, yes, yes. You CAN open a beer bottle with it.

• You CAN fly with it in your carry-on - it’s under 7” long

Customer Reviews

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Carry Porter
Does its job!

I was dubious that something so light/thin would be durable enough for the rocky soils where I typically hike. So far, so good! Very happy with this little trowel :-)

Nate Porter
the little shovel that can

This is a great product. Well designed, lightweight, strong enough for what it is, as long as you use it per their recommendations.

Nifty tool

Well worth its weight

Jake Schoellkopf

Deuce of Spades

Simple & Multi Purposed

Light, packable, responsible and a resourceful tool. Think of this as you would a Voile ski strap, plenty of uses and easy to bring on any trip. Purposely built to take care of what no one else wants to see, smell or step in - light and efficient for digging. Keep it handy for clearing out a fire site and/or putting out said fire at the end of the night. Great for anchoring down any essentials on a wind night - camping chairs, light table, etc. Great for using as a deadman hack in sand or in loose ground as a tent or to tie off and weigh down with a rock or two. Not that you would bring in (or pack out) beer bottles, but it definitely can open a bottle for you in a pinch. Great as a light garden trowel too. Various uses and the ability to get creative with the colorways, easily one of the more adept pieces of gear to carry with you on day hikes or thru hikes. I have definitely appreciated this tool and highly recommend.