Bristlecone Bivy

The Bristlecone Bivy provides a waterproof floor with a water resistant upper to protect your quilt from spray and mist. Featuring a large mesh window and long U shaped zipper extending from waist level across the top, allowing for easy entry and exit. Designed to work well with both pyramid shelters and tarps.
  • Large Mesh Panel- No-seeum mesh window over your head provides ventilation.

    Long #3 YKK Zipper- Long inverted U zipper running from waist level to above head, allows easy entry and exit.

    Waterproof ROBIC® Nylon Silicone/UTS Coated Floor- ROBIC® high tenacity yarn and UTS coating provide extra tear strength, abrasion resistance, and it is less slick than a traditional silicone coating.

    Bathtub Style Floor- Reduced seams in the floor for increased weather resistance.

    Pertex Quantum Air Upper- This highly breathable, water resistant fabric features a long lasting DWR coating that outperforms and outlasts other DWR treatments. Increased air permeability reduces condensation while remaining highly wind resistant.

    Internal Sleeping Pad Attachment- Internal sleeping pad attachment keeps your sleeping pad in place. The Cord Clip locations on our quilts line up with the pad attachments in our bivys. Cinch your pad in place in your bivy, then simply clip your quilt onto the same cords.

    Full Bug Protection- Full bug protection keeps the creepy crawlies at bay, making the bivy ideal for use under a tarp or floorless shelter.

    Elastic Hang Loops- Tie loops at the head and foot to keep the bivy fabric off your face and quilt.

    Generous Dimensions- Allows room inside for gear storage. Both regular and wide versions fit 25" wide sleeping pads.

    Stake Loops at the Corners- Ribbon loops at the corners facilitate drying or allow staking.

    Stuff Sack Included- Included stuff sack for storage. Adds 0.25 ounces.

  • Specs

    Specs 5'6" 6' 6'6" Wide 5'6" Wide 6' Wide 6'6"
    Weight 7.0 oz 7.3 oz 7.7 oz 7.5 oz 7.8 oz 8.2 oz
    Length 77 inches 83 inches 89 inches 77 inches 83 inches 89 inches
    Shoulder Girth 77.5 inches 77.5 inches 77.5 inches 82 inches 82 inches 82 inches
    Foot Girth 63.5 inches 63.5 inches 63.5 inches 68 inches 68 inches 68 inches
    Mesh Window 28 x 13.5 inches 28 x 13.5 inches 28 x 13.5 inches 31 x 14 inches 31 x 14 inches 31 x 14 inches
    Peak Height 17 inches 17 inches 17 inches 18 inches 18 inches 18 inches
    Packed size 3.5 x 7.5 inches 3.5 x 7.5 inches 3.5 x 7.5 inches 3.5 x 7.5 inches 3.5 x 7.5 inches 3.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Pertex Quantum Air

    The best fabric you’ll find for the upper shell of an ultralight bivy.
    1. Excellent DWR to protect you from spray and mist
    2. Increased Air Permeability reduces condensation

    ROBIC® Nylon with Silicone/UTS Coating

    ROBIC® high tenacity yarn and UTS coating provide extra tear strength and abrasion resistance for our bivy floor

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Bristlecone Bivy

Tyler Efird
Great piece of gear

I constantly roll off my pad at night and this bivy completely solved that issue. It’s so nice to be able to sleep through the night and be fully contained.

Elizabeth Sampey
Bristlecone Bivy, five stars!

I took this bivy out for a Colorado trail bikepack/fastpack mission during this very wet summer with heaps of mosquitos. The mesh is such a game changer, and kept the mozzies out along with rain spray coming in under my tarp. I love how roomy it is (I'm a side sleeper, this is important) and the pad ties on the inside worked great to keep my pad from sliding around. And, it's even lighter than my old bivy which is a tighter fit and has no mesh, rolls up great in my bikepacking sleep kit burrito. I definitely recommend it!

Solid product

Here are some random thoughts after using it for the first time on an overnight backpacking trip in good weather: I understand the limitations of bivy use and had low expectations for comfort which were largely met. I pair this with a 4 ounce polycro tarp for a shelter that weighs less than one pound with string and stakes. It's fun to carry but not as luxurious as a tent of course. It did keep the bugs and dew at bay and surprisingly added a great deal of warmth (ten degrees?). I got the wide 6 model and at six feet tall was able to sleep with some gear inside and not feel too restricted. Hiking poles make set up much easier than random sticks. There was a fair amount of condensation on the inside by morning but not enough to soak through my quilt. The large zipper opening was great for easy access. However, when totally unzipped, tension with the hang loop is lost and it was somewhat difficult to zip it back up after getting inside. I ended up zipping it halfway most of the time. Some kind of internal ditty pouch would have been nice. Seems like a good quality product at a relatively decent price. My main use for this will be self-support, multi-day kayak trips where comfort is secondary to weight efficiency.

ben dansie
great product

i had a camoing trip planned they rushed it! great personal service. home town mom and pop feel with a 5 star product!