Steven “Twinkle” Shattuck

High summits, hard to reach wilderness, and lonely landscapes. That’s what I get in Colorado, and that’s what I strive to incorporate into my life as often as possible. I particularly enjoy long distance backpacking, having hiked most of the triple crown and several mid distance trails over the past decade. The full immersion is unlike any other form of outdoor recreation that I’ve found.

To afford the thru-hikes, I work as an auditor in Denver (NERD). While working to save for bigger trips, I pursue my other passions, most notably mountaineering. I’ve climbed the 100 highest peaks in Colorado, often referred to as the Centennials. Currently, I’m working on the bi-centennials (200 highest) as well as summiting all 49 peaks over 12,000 feet in the rarely visited Gore Range of Colorado.

Recently I have begun to appreciate multi-day off trail routes, combining my passion for climbing the tallest pile of rocks with the endurance and immersion of walking through a landscape for several days. The mix of technical terrain and gentle walking is my favorite way to explore an area. A few notable routes have been the Mee/Knowles Canyon Route in western Colorado, and the Weminuche Wilderness in Southwest Colorado which offers a variety of terrain to see. I’ve also put together my own off trail route in the Beartooth Mountains, named the Beartooth High Route.

Favorite piece of Katabatic Gear:

Sawatch 15°F. I’m a cold sleeper, and typically I’m in cold environments year-round at elevation in Colorado and beyond. I especially appreciate the realistic temperature ratings, as I have the peace of mind when venturing into below freezing temps that this bag will keep me warm at night. Coupled with the down filled collar and quality construction, this bag maximizes the temperature while minimizing the weight on my back.

Best tip for reducing pack weight:

Ditch the stove. Free yourself of the hassle of cooking, and eliminate one of the items that is most likely to malfunction. Though your choices will be more limited, its freeing to not have to worry about fuel, water, or wind. Cold soaking and dry foods have worked great for me, and give me more peace of mind on the trail. It also makes the pizza in town THAT much better!

Outdoor Organization Involvement:
American Long Distance Hiking Association-West (ALDHA-W)
Continental Divide Trail Coalition(CDTC)

Instagram: Shattuck311
Facebook: Steven Shattuck
Hometown: Golden, CO