Our Story

I founded Katabatic Gear to build the finest ultralight sleeping bags available. While preparing for a Colorado Trail thru-hike in 2007, the simplicity and beauty of a lightweight philosophy became apparent to me. After more than a decade of traditional “heavy” backpacking trips ranging from Tierra del Fuego to the Brooks Range, the lightweight philosophy was a welcome change. As my experience with lightweight equipment grew, I focused on one area where the available gear seemed to be lacking: sleeping bags.

If you apply the lightweight backpacking philosophy of doing more with less to sleeping bags, quilt style bags are a natural fit. The problem is that other quilt style bags are inefficient and not at all user friendly. So I set out to design solutions to the problems I saw with other quilt style sleeping bags. I spent extensive time in the field, gaining insight from being outside testing my prototypes. I hiked in Alaska, canoed in the Yukon, did a quick jaunt around the Wonderland Trail, and thru-hiked the Hayduke Trail, all the while refining my ideas for quilt style sleeping bags. These trips gave me the opportunity to test my ideas on a long term, real world basis and solve the problems I had experienced with other bags. The nearly 200 nights I spent sleeping outside, testing the original concept and its improvements, represent the foundation upon which Katabatic Gears’ products are built.

Katabatic Gear was founded to share these innovations with other people like me. Our goal as a company is to create products that excel in every aspect. Our designs are innovative and state-of-the-art. We use the finest materials available. We keep almost all of our manufacturing in-house, and always ensure the highest quality. We want our customers to be customers for life: buying a new sleeping bag every decade or so, after their old one has finally worn out, and maybe adding an ultralight backpack to the mix once they’ve experienced our penchant for perfectionism.

I started this project looking to build a great ultralight sleeping bag. I believe I ended up with a product that outperforms its traditional counterpart in nearly every aspect. I hope you’ll agree.  Since then, I’ve expanded our product line, staying true to our core values of providing ultralight backpacking equipment that doesn’t sacrifice comfort or function.  I hope you’ll agree.

Aaron Martray

Owner Katabatic Gear