Erin “Wired” Saver

I found thru-hiking in 2011 when I did my first long trail, the Pacific Crest Trail. I was given the trail name Wired for my energy on the trail, and my little need for sleep that allows me to maintain a detailed daily blog ( on my journeys. Since then, I’ve gone on to hike 15,000mi on long trails all over the world.

After completing the Triple Crown (PCT2011, CDT2013, AT2014), I decided to challenge myself on some of the more remote and less known trails and routes; Hayduke Trail, Great Divide Trail, Sierra High Route, Wind River High Route, and Kings Canyon High Basin Route. From there I’ve sought international travel going to Australia (Larapinta Trail, Bibbulmun Track), New Zealand (Te Araroa Trail), and Europe (Haute Route Pyrenees, GR5). I’ve also filled in some gap time with shorter hikes like the Tahoe Rim Trail, Lost Coast Trail, Wonderland Trail and the West Coast Trail.

I’m fortunate that life has fallen into place for me to work half the year and thru-hike the other half. The blog is my way of paying it forward for future hikers by providing a resource for beta and planning of some of these lesser known hikes. It’s been the most wonderful turn of events to enter the world of thru-hiking, and also be such a purposeful and contributing member to the thru-hiking community. I enjoy travel and thru-hiking, but knowing that I’m able to also pay it forward to future hikers (as others have done for me), is the icing on the cake.

Why I Use Katabatic Gear: Since I spend half my year thru-hiking, I know I need gear that will both be functional, and pass the test of time. That’s why I’ve chosen the Sawatch 15°F. Katabatic has come to the forefront of the field in lightweight sleeping bags due to their quality and reliability. It’s gear I can trust and rely on.

Tip For Reducing Pack Weight: There isn’t one defining concrete weight saver. For me, it was about finding all those little changes that can eliminate an ounce here or there. Those small things add up and can make a huge difference.

Facebook: Erin Saver (Wired)
Instagram: walkingwithwired
Twitter: @ErinWiredSaver
Hometown: Portland, OR