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How to Pick the Perfect Hiking Partner

By Whitney “Allgood” La Ruffa

. . . hiking is more fun with a good partner or partners.  You can help lift each other up on a down day, laugh at the adversity of weather or terrain, and also help each other out with the little things, like taping a rolled ankle, or having a patch of tenacious tape to fix a tear in a puffy.Read More

Te Ararora Done UltraLight

By Dahn Pratt

Like a giddy school girl, wearing her new outfit on the first day of high school, I galloped down 90-mile beach and embarked on a quasi-metaphysical acid trip down the thru-hike rabbit hole. Sensory deprivation and sensory overload were going to be the chemical cocktails on Te Araroa, 3,000km (1,800 miles for you uninitiated folks) of all manner of trail (or lack thereof)…..Read More

Changing Gear[s]

By Franzi Wernsing

“Our lighter, agile rigs have encouraged us to explore more remote and wild places which we could only dream to do before. And in case the promising looking path turns out to lead nowhere, the relatively light bike makes it less painful if you have to push it for a while.”…. Read More

Bikepacking the Baja Divide

By Jona and Franzi Wernsing

I have always been fascinated by borders. Separating land and people, cultures and traditions. Letting you dive into a completely different world within seconds by crossing an invisible line drawn between two countries…. Read More